Day 19: Turnouts and Tablelands

Day 19: Turnouts and Tablelands

While Laura was climbing Gros Morne Mountain, I went on my own adventure, trying to get over not having this glorious weather for my fjord trip. I headed to the other side of this big, diverse park, to hike the “tablelands.”

The tablelands are the holy ground of plate tectonics, and the first and best place that proved that theory. This radically different rock from the surrounding area is made of up the earth’s actual mantle that was pushed to the surface. This is so rare, people come from all over the world to see and study it. People say it is a bit like walking on the moon, but I couldn’t say, never having been there.

So all the red and orange rock in this post is the earth’s mantle, with its snow still melting. The others are views from turnouts on the way to that distant high plateau called that is infamously called the tablelands.


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  1. Deborah 5 years ago

    That is so interesting Polly. I’m sure you are journaling this adventure and may at some time offer a travel map for others to follow. Could be a new business for you!

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