The Need to Grow (Movie Review)

The Need to Grow (Movie Review)

The Need to Grow movie review

The documentary The Need to Grow is worth seeing and you can see it online for free here. It is an environmental film with some solutions to offer, so more hopeful than most on this topic. As we kill off the soil with industrial fertilizers and pesticides, we have only about 60 years of soil life left, and big business that makes gobs of money off this failed model is not going to drive the needed change.

Fortunately, dedicated and brilliant minds have forged solutions, if we can quietly turn things around, grassroots style. Not only can these solutions put more nutrients back into our food, but the process can trap greenhouse gasses in our soil where they can help us grow food spectacularly, all while simultaneously fighting climate change and soil degradation.

Because of this film, we’ve bought some “biochar” to add to our compost, and will give this a try. Watch our harvest to see how we did!

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  1. Susan 3 weeks ago

    One of the best documentaries I have ever seen!

    Full of hope, wonderful selfless adults, inspiring children, NON GMO Girl Scout cookies, glorious soil to grow food worth eating, solutions we all can use!!!
    I did find myself crying but that is normal for someone who loves the earth deeply.
    Plus being a fan of composting and growing a lot of our own food, I love seeing others doing the same.
    Living on an island where the ground is limestone, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of making our own dirt while composting and mulching.
    All our leaves happily stay on property.
    I notice you and your husband have green thumbs and a taste for healthy, delectable food.

    We hold up a glass of beet juice and say cheers to you❣️

  2. Dawn Graves 3 weeks ago

    I loved this film. It actually aligns with my current burning passion to garden and understand how to improve the soil in my gardening beds and in my landscape planting beds. The soil around my house is crappy, poorly draining clay with about 2 inches of topsoil. I actually bought the Impact Kit offer at the end of the video just to hear Erik’s masterclass and I’m 20 minutes into it and I realized that it was worth every penny I paid. I’m excited to learn from this guy. I love his urban gardening vision! Thanks for sharing this movie. Seriously, everyone should watch it. Is there a way I could post a link to my Facebook page? Not sure where to get the link though…

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