Best of 2009

Best of 2009


This website and daily blog have been going for a year! Thank you so much for your continued readership. It is fun journeying with you and I appreciate all your ongoing comments. Keep them coming!

It seems appropriate to review some of the best posts from my blog of 2009, as we look forward to a New Year together. I hope you enjoy the highlights from this past year reposted below by category. Let me know if your favorite is missing and I’ll add it to the list! This is a list of people’s favorites and is not in any way exhaustive. You may want to bookmark something for future reference or forward this list it to a friend who might be interested in this blog.


Today’s Painting (2/28/09) (see here)
Doodling (Mostly in Church) (3/09/09) (see here)
Today’s Painting (03/21/09) (see here)
Laura’s Water Lily and an Update from our Pastel Class (see here)
My First Clay Sculpture (see here)
Four Recent Paintings (5/08/09) (see here)
Today’s Paintings (5/16/09) (see here)
My Most Recent Painting (6/02/09) (see here)
I Finished My Big Pastel Painting (see here)
Doodles (Mostly in Church) (7/06/09) (see here)
A Large Doodle (see here)
Retrospective of my First Box-A-Day Art Journal (see here)
My New Oil Painting (09/06/09) (see here)
My Other New Oil Painting (09/12/09) (see here)
Going Back to Maine For Creative Arts Camp (see here)
Day 1 Creative Arts Camp (see here)
Day 2 Creative Arts Camp (see here)
Day 3 Creative Arts Camp (see here)
Day 4 Creative Arts Camp (see here)
A New Abstract Self Portrait (see here)
Two New Paintings (10/04/09) (see here)
Today’s Painting (10/16/09) (see here)
Talk on Role of Perception in Art (see here)
My Two Paintings Submitted to Guild Show (see here)
Our Homeschooling Art Show (see here)
My New Painting (12/02/09) (see here)


Today’s Photos of Crocus (see here)
Photos of the Palo Duro Canyon (see here)
Photos of the Palo Duro Canyon Close Up (see here)
Photos of St. John’s College, Annapolis (see here)
Photos of Forsythia (see here)
Photos of Magnolias (see here)
Spring Photos of New Pond Farm (see here)
Photos of our Weeping Cherry Tree in Bloom (see here)
Photos of Traditional Tulips (see here)
Photos of Our Peach Tree Blooming (see here)
Photos of Fancy Double Tulips (see here)
Photos of Lilacs (see here)
Photos of Sunset on the Hudson (see here)
Poppy Photos (see here)
Iris Photos (see here)
Houses in My Town (see here)
Misc. NYC Photos (see here)
General Block Island Photos (see here)
Mohegan Bluffs Beach (see here)
Vaill Beach (see here)
Rock Cairns (see here)
Love Those Zinnias! (see here)
Photos of Sunflowers (see here)
Sunset, Moonrise & Urchins in Castine (see here)
Labor Day Fog Dispersing (see here)
Isle Au Haute (see here)
Schoodic Peninsula (see here)
Eastern Shoreline of Mount Desert Island (see here)
Biking Acadia Carriage Roads (see here)
Photos of Holbrook Farm Dahlias (see here)
Photos of Store Windows (see here)
Photos at Caramoor (see here)
Today’s Photos of Gusty Winds and Gorgeous Clouds (see here)
Photos of Fall Flowers (see here)
Photos of Chestnut Pods (see here)
Photos of Fall Foliage Part 1 (see here)
Photos of Fall Foliage Part 2 (see here)
Photos of a Wordless Walk (see here)
Pumpkin Photos (see here)
Photos of Red Maples (see here)
Photos of Wet November by the River (see here)


Statistic About Spiritual Healing (see here)
Abandoning Self Interest (see here)
Centering (see here)
Forum on Faith Newspaper Article: Spring: A Sweet Season of Renewal (see here)
Today’s Newspaper Article by Me: Spiritual Cultivation (see here)
On Fire About Church (see here)
Today’s Newspaper Article By Me: Preventing Swine Flu (see here)
Today’s Newspaper Article By Me: Founder of Christian Science Emphasized Gratitude (see here)
Black Ice on Cain’s Hill Road (see here)


Thoughts About Cross Pollination and Butterfly Chasing (see here)
Overfishing (see here)
A Cow in the Back Yard: April Fools (see here)
The Problem With Being Overly Considerate (see here)
Memorial Day Musings (see here)
Home as Hobby (see here)
Judy’s Twelve Life Lessons For Creativity (see here)
Eye of the Beholder (see here)


Their Eyes Were Watching God (see here)
Two Book Reviews (see here)
Beyond Belief (see here)
The Mysterious Benedict Society (see here)
Journal of a Solitude (see here)
The Story Book of Science (see here)
1000 Artist Journal Pages (see here)
Yeah! The Book War is Over for This Year! (see here)
The Help (see here)
Outliers (see here)
It’s a Fine Line (see here)
There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem (see here)
Abstract and Colour Techniques in Painting (see here)
The Abstinence Teacher (see here)
If I live to Be 100 (see here)
Girl of the Limberlost (see here)
The Gift of an Ordinary Day (see here)
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (see here)
This I Believe (see here)
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (see here)
Five Quarters of the Orange (see here)
School of Essential Ingredients (see here)


Slumdog Millionaire (see here)
Little Dorrit (see here)
Food, Inc (see here)
Julie & Julia (see here)
Miss Potter (see here)
Spitfire Grill (see here)
The Color Purple (see here)
Invictus (see here)
The Visitor (see here)
The Young Victoria (see here)


Recipe: Veggie Sausage and Rainbow Chard Lasagna (see here)
Recipe: Sour Cream Coffee Cake (see here)
Recipe for Great Crab Cakes (see here)
Recipe: Tilapia Soufflé (see here)
Recipe for Fresh Peas (see here)
Recipe: Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes an Feta (see here)
Recipe: Apricot Squares (see here)
Photos of the Garden of Eden (see here)
Recipe: Tempeh Burgers (see here)
Photos of Summer Lunches (see here)
Farmer’s Market Haul (see here)
Photos of Eating Out in Annapolis (see here)
Our Glorious Tomatoes (see here)
This Week’s Shared Harvest Haul (see here)
Recipe: Slow Roasted Roma Tomatoes (see here)
Recipe: Autumn Vegetable Soup (see here)
Recipe: Apple Cake (see here)
Recipe: Great Pumpkin Chili (see here)
Recipe: Cranberry Frangipani Pie (see here)
Recipe: Veggie Sausage Casserole (see here)


Both Sides of Devotion (see here)
Equal Partners  (see here)
Sheep Feeding  (see here)
Nostalgia (see here)
This is Me (see here)
Tips of Spring (see here)
On Earth Day (see here)
Garbage Removal (see here)
Five Recent Haiku (see here)
Well Fertilized (see here)
I am Orange (see here)
Reading Walden (see here)
Homeschool Graduation Haiku (see here)
Receiving (see here)
I Am From (see here)
Yearning (see here)
Peripheral Gratitude (see here)
Immaculate One (see here)


Modesty: The New Revolution (see here)
Discouraged about Not Getting Time Enough To Create? (see here)
Hope For The Ocean’s Seafood (see here)
My Homeschool Daughter’s Graduation (see here)
Surrender Not Control (see here)
Big Day: College Drop-Off (see here)
How I met My Husband (see here)
My Nephew’s Wedding (see here)
Encouraging Words (see here)

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


I work to amplify good wherever I find it. I love color, texture, beauty, great ideas, nature, metaphor, deliciousness, genuine spirituality, and exploring new territory. I encourage authenticity, nurture creativity, champion sustainability, promote peace, and hope to foster a new renaissance where we all are free to be our most fulfilled, multifaceted, and terrific selves. Read more here.



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  2. […] me) have found it especially helpful to cycle back to for reference. (See previous lists: Best of 2009 , Best of 2010 and Best of 2011) Bookmarking these can be a handy help in finding that entry you […]

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