Companion with These (New Poem by Polly Castor)

Companion with These (New Poem by Polly Castor)

Companion with these, divine ideas poem

Companion with These

Divine ideas are fresh,
vital, full, and glad.
They are never stale,
frayed or worn out.
They are eternal,
always conscious,
indestructible substance.
They are luminous.
They outshine material sense.
They gleam radiantly,
vaporizing false beliefs.
They are never transferred
to or through the human mind.
They are never hindered,
never subject to error.
They never fail,
and are never tools of evil.
They have no element
of uncertainty.
They are steadfast.
They eliminate illusions.
They repudiate suggestions
of lack and limitation.
They are an infinite supply
of everything needed, all good.
They are infinitely understood.
They are inexhaustible.
They manifest continual
health and harmony.
They are delightful,
engaging, assured, alert.
They are your strength–
intelligent, satisfying,
beautiful, bountiful,
loving, and wise–
inherent, inviolate,
and forever.
They are obedient
to their Source,
irresistible in power.
They are forever at peace,
and maintain peace in us as well.
We are anointed with them.
They preserve our joy,
increase our discernment,
and bring fruition to our purpose.
Divine ideas are our companions.

by Polly Castor

Companion with these, divine ideas poem

I work to amplify good wherever I find it. I love color, texture, beauty, great ideas, nature, metaphor, deliciousness, genuine spirituality, and exploring new territory. I encourage authenticity, nurture creativity, champion sustainability, promote peace, and hope to foster a new renaissance where we all are free to be our most fulfilled, multifaceted, and terrific selves. Read more here.

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  1. Dilys 1 year ago

    I love this poem, Polly!
    And the thought that came to me when I saw your artwork was “the petals of a holy purpose”, which Mary Baker Eddy writes about in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Beautiful. X

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