Pottery by Our Younger Daughter this Semester

Pottery by Our Younger Daughter this Semester


Our younger daughter has finished her sophomore year!

When I picked her up, she showed me the pottery she made this term in the ceramics studio. The first one below carved with the lily pads she gave me for Mother’s Day, and I am delighted with it. The giraffe shown above with the vases and pitcher is also a whistle. She also made a bowl the size of a bathroom sink – her biggest yet– but sold it before I got there. Those tallest ones are her first out of the wood fired kiln she helped build (and keep stoked all night) this term (as seen here).

It is good to have her home for a short time before delivering her to her paid research internship at the National Radio Observatory in Green Bank West Virginia.

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  1. Beth 7 years ago

    Very nice work…..and Laura looks so happy.

  2. Patricia Campbell 7 years ago

    Fantastic pieces! What an amazing artist!!!

  3. Christine 7 years ago

    Love seeing her work!

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