Salmon Colored Sunset

Salmon Colored Sunset

sunset photo

Because I was commuting to the pastel class, I saw this remarkable sunset driving home at a time when I normally wouldn’t have been out and about. The first shot below is a bit fuzzy because it was taken through my windshield, and after that I realized I needed to pull over to watch the scene for a few minutes. I think I came upon this half-way through it’s dazzling display, but was so glad to be there to see what I did. These photos were taken out over an apple orchard near my house, and I’ll try to remember it as a good spot for seeing sunsets in the future. What I liked about this sunset was the color was bizarrely unusual, and it was almost like my camera didn’t know what to make to of it.

IMG_4244  IMG_4242

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  1. Lynn 9 years ago

    Dear Polly,
    I have been seeing the same colors out my apartment window. The sunset is partly blocked by a new office building, but the colors are equally awesome. Lynn

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