Chateau de Chillon (Castle/Fortress)

Chateau de Chillon (Castle/Fortress)

Chateau de Chillon photos



We left Brienz by train to travel to Montreaux on Lake Geneva. We stored our luggage in lockers at the train station, and headed directly to Chateau de Chillon, which is a castle/fortress that was undefeated until that advent of guns, so has remained undamaged and essentially unchanged for 800 years. Apparently the castle in the Little Mermaid is modeled after this one, as well as some scenes from the Game of Thrones.

Both daughters, steeped in middle ages history during homeschooling and then their imagination stoked by all the fantasy reading they’ve done, had requested this stop, which is the most visited tourist stop in Switzerland.

I liked the window wells that had seats where you could hover in the light, and the vaulted ceiling in the dungeons. The toilet shafts were exactly as we had read about in the history books.

We returned by boat to Montreaux, and then took a train to Lausanne to sleep.



Leaving the lovely turquoise water of Brienz.


On the Lake Geneva waterfront in Montreaux.


I’ve been living on hand quiches on this trip. This one was in Montreaux before heading to the castle.














The dungeon…



















The toilet is a hole in a plank over a four story shaft into the lake.










A little climb up into the window seats…

























We went back to Montreaux by boat get the water view.



Leaving Montreaux for Lausanne…

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  1. John+gregory 10 months ago

    Indoor “toilets” made use of the lake? A big step forward, but no cigar!

  2. Cheryl Patterson-Zaic 10 months ago

    I have been there twice and was fascinated. Thank you for stoking lovely memories.

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