Two Days in Cassis (On the French Mediterranean)

Two Days in Cassis (On the French Mediterranean)

Cassis photos

We left Lausanne and rode by high speed train to Cassis on the French Mediterranean.

This stop was my husband’s choice on the trip; he wanted to visit a friend of his, who he knew from when he spent his junior year in college abroad in France. This friend lives in Marseille, but offered us their vacation place in Cassis, and we gladly accepted. They were very generous also with feeding us multiple course, homemade meals.

The first day there, we went on a boat ride to see the rocky coastline and interesting little inlets that they call calanques. After that, we swam in the absolutely stunning water of the Mediterranean.

The next day my husband and older daughter (who speak French) toured sights in Marseille with our hosts (who only speak French), while our youngest and I hung out in Cassis, painting the harbor, writing in our journals, wandering back alleys, buying tea towels, and having a quiet lunch together on cobblestones in a little back alley cafe.

We spent our last evening eating near the marina, watching the nightlife as well as the large full moon rising, and having mussels and frites. (Note: our French fries are better than the ones in France).

The next morning, our friends drove us to the airport. Soon we were saying goodbye to our California daughter in Lisbon, and then jumping over “the pond” home.

What an amazing trip! Thanks for coming along via my posts!

Front door of the hotel we stayed at in Lausanne.


I had many of these hand-sized quiches on the trip, but this one in Lausanne was by far the best!


Our youngest bought a bat from the castle yesterday. Here she is on the train to France.



Met by my husband’s friends at the train station.




These two have known each other a long time.


My husband’s friend’s son and his family.






Tomato tart made by our hostess.



Apricots are ubiquitous.


We bought one of these and they were gone instantly.


We bought olives too.






















Massive tree in our host’s front yard.


Lots of sycamores in town.




We swam in the Mediterranean!


The water was gorgeous…


but the beach was crowded.





Good appetizer by our hostess: half were stuffed with salmon, and half were stuffed with onions.







My husband and older daughter in Marseille.


My quiet little lunch with our youngest in Cassis.


She had ravioli stuffed with bream.


I had eggplant parmesan.









Everyone comes out to eat by the marina in the evening.


Night life in Cassis, with moonrise over the ramparts.



These mussels were roasted, not steamed.








Waiting to fly.


Saying goodbye to our oldest in the Lisbon airport.


A plane full of people mesmerized by screens. Headed home after an amazing time. So grateful!
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  1. John+gregory 11 months ago

    Trip of a life time

  2. Joyce Alluan Ades 11 months ago

    Just marvelous! Thanks for this virtual voyage. Enjoyed it so much!Blessed happy family may you continue to enjoy life with such zest.

  3. Meg+Hanson 11 months ago

    What an amazing trip! Thanks for letting us all join remotely.

  4. Christine Anderson 11 months ago

    Thanks for the ride

  5. Terrilynn Dubreuil 11 months ago

    I LOVE Cassis! One of my favorite spots! And I see you got out to the calanques! The water is amazing .. crystal clear and constantly changing from teal to aqua to ultramarine to cobalt .. and so clear you can see hundreds of feet below. Thanks for sharing. (I always said I want to go back and rent a little house atop the clanques someday and swim and paint .. ahhh)

  6. Isabel 11 months ago

    So sorry you had to leave so soon.😕Loved it!

  7. Sue+Krevitt 11 months ago

    What a Blessing you all are
    to share your joyfull trip with us!

    Thank you!!!


  8. Dilys 11 months ago

    Wow! You packed so many fine adventures into this amazing trip! I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you.
    And expecting some beautiful artworks to come after you assimilate all your wonderful experiences . Xx

  9. Nesit 11 months ago

    What beauty, majesty, joy, adventure!! I feel so blessed by you sharing your trip. Thank you!

  10. Tammi 11 months ago

    What a journey! I truly enjoyed traveling vicariously with you and your family. Thank you!

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