I Made this New Bowl in Pottery

I Made this New Bowl in Pottery

Polly Castor pottery

This bowl took me a long time to make but I am happy with the result.

First I threw it on the wheel, and after I carved the foot on it, I painted the whole thing with the turquoise underglaze. Then I covered the turquoise on the outside that I wanted to preserve with wax, and wiped away the leaf-shaped places that were without wax until the turquoise was gone and the clay was slightly indented in a more gradual texture than carving would allow. Then I painted orange underglaze on the wiped off sections, after which it was finally bisque fired. As the last step before the final firing, I glazed the whole thing with a clear glaze.

My inspiration was the orange fall leaves against a bright October sky, and in general, this is a color combination that makes me happy, as you may have noticed…

Anyway enjoy the photos!


-untitled-  11252

-untitled-  11257

-untitled-  11258

-untitled-  11266

-untitled-  11268

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