In the Presence of Swans

In the Presence of Swans

photos of swans

One of the places we painted as a workshop was a park that is a sanctuary for many birds. Most notably there were about 50 swans present. But I also saw twice a bald eagle (which in the first photo below you can see flying overhead), as well as herons of several varieties, and some huge cormorants. This was all very quietly thrilling. I had never seen so many swans in one place before, and I wished for my zoom lens, which I had not brought on this painting expedition. Alas, you can see here what I took without that lens, which would have made such a difference…

IMG_4551  IMG_4569 (1)  IMG_4574  IMG_4463  IMG_4562    IMG_4223    IMG_4195    IMG_4198  IMG_4222

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  1. Heidi 9 years ago

    Very cool – looks like a serene fall day :)

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