Tour of my Office Studio (Photos)

Tour of my Office Studio (Photos)

Tour of my Office Studio, Studio tour

After a week of extended family here, I’m back in my office/studio ready to begin again. My relatives couldn’t remember having been up to my sanctuary on the third floor, and were delighted to see where I spend my days. It made me realize you might want to see it too. I know I’m always intrigued to see an artist’s studio space.

My husband works in the basement where his sound-proof recording studio is, and I work in the attic. “Home” is the two floors in between. Because my phone conversations for my spiritual practice are confidential, no one else comes up here. Our youngest daughter said she was eleven before she had ever even been in this space. If I get a work call and I’m somewhere else, I retreat immediately to this space, and my family knows not to knock or interrupt.

Recently, when my husband was asking about dreams for the future, he expected me to want a bigger studio outside of the house where I could do larger work. He was surprised that I like not needing to go somewhere else. When I want to paint huge, my solution is to just do it outside or at an artist-in-residence. But I like that on a usual day, when inspiration strikes, all I need is right where I already am.

The only thing that could make this space work better is a sink. Not having one up here is why I do any really wet work somewhere else. However, pastel work, art journalling, sketching, talking on the phone, prayer work, computer work, reading, studying, writing poems, are all perfectly suited for this space, which integrates these different things I do into one seamless whole. I am so grateful for it.

In the photos below, wander around my 700sqft creative paradise, complete with little explanations below each photo.

The third floor attic is mine… love the green carpet.


A bit of of my rock collection is at the top of the stairs. (The rest is outside by the picnic table.)



I run my world from this yellow leather chair that was my mother’s. I take work calls here, do zoom sessions from here, edit photos here, do all my computer, website, and business from here, and the blog goes out from here in the early morning.


I mostly study from here, and use this computer for more serious writing, playing music, as well as sometimes for photo references for painting.


My artist journal station. It helps having a dedicated place for this so I can work here in short spurts. I love to be surrounded by fabulous materials. The journals feed my creativity and keep the ideas flowing even though my larger conceptual work is in different mediums. This spot is mostly about self-care instead of production.


I love the nine north facing windows of the dormer we added when we moved in.


The “hug bed” is down there…


The “hug bed” is a great place to read or ponder. I sometimes sleep there too when my spiritual practice gets me up at night and I don’t want to bother my husband because of incoming phone calls.


The flat files are for unframed, unbacked, finished pieces, and also for large, new paper. The fabulous red IKEA drawers hold art materials and handmade collage papers sorted by color.


Three filing cabinets are full of work files and poems… those archival purple boxes need to find their way down to our new art archive downstairs, since they are filled with early work.


Most of my acrylic paint is downstairs where I do larger work either on the dining room table, on an easel in the driveway, at artist residencies, or on the picnic table. This is just the art journaling selection, mostly Golden brand fluid acrylic.


Gouache, watercolor crayons, paint sticks, watercolor, scrappers, Inktense pencils, brayers…


The current batch of art journals. I work in several simultaneously.


Reference books on art and spirituality, plus journals of poetry, located opposite the “hug bed”…


Bookcase of to-be-read books is located next to filing cabinets at the entrance to the space…


Bookcase next to the yellow chair is non-fiction that I’ve read and kept for reference and inspiration.


Second string pastel materials, and bottles to collect pastel dust to be reconstituted…


My main palette…


Where half of my pastel work is done, the rest is done outside.


We put down some (almost matching) green astroturf under my easel area to protect the carpet, and also strategically placed freezer paper where it catches the worst bit of dust.


I have a really nice professional photography light for my easel that simulates daytime so I can work at night. The big painting behind in the hall is an abstract watercolor of my mother’s.


My drawing and sketching supplies live between the yellow chair footstool and the bookcase, ready at hand between other projects…


The table in the middle of the room, which sees a lot of action, but which I try to keep clear between times…


My colorful legos, which I hand-picked at Legoland in England, live on my center table, ready for hands that listen better when busy…


The view from the yellow chair where I spend the majority of my time.
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  1. John+gregory 2 years ago

    I find it fascinating to see how others minds work. Note: organized! Not a “cottage “ industry but looks like a magic place.

  2. Sue Krevitt 2 years ago

    Needing to be “healed” of…ahem….”jealousy!” (As though Life has given you more than me, or anyone else of us!!!!!!! NOT TRUE, and I know it. But, now I just gotta Get Goin’ and See More of Life’s
    Wonders at MY feet! Ok, I do, but…gee…)

    just sayin…. I have so so so so so so so so so MUCH to be grateful for, too! Life is Wondrous Good…Love, Truth…All!!


  3. Mary Jo Beebe 2 years ago

    Just a wonderland of possibilities and ideas and the materials to explore and discover. What a beautiful, exciting place! I love your windows with a glorious view of the forest. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve taken all this glory into my heart today and am grateful for it.

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