Movie Review: Cranford

Movie Review: Cranford


This is one of Masterpiece Theater’s best, and I heartily give it five stars. We had seen it in 2007, but re-watched it in three installments (concluding last night) in preparation for it’s sequel (Cranford Returns) to be aired this January (Sunday evenings January 10th and 17th.) You can read the synopsis (by clicking here) or for at least a while, see it online (by clicking here) so you too will be up to speed to see the sequel. You’ll be glad you did!

Otherwise available on regular DVD, Cranford is a story of small village life which is incisive and interesting. Judi Dench is marvelous as the lead, but all the characters are equally great. My favorite is the young boy, Harry, a poacher’s son, who I believe has a glowing future. All the vignettes in this film ranging from the cat swallowing the lace to the cow in pajamas, from the young doctor’s rocky acceptance in the town (due to new approaches and too many ladies hoping to marry him) to Mr. Carter’s stalwart vision and wisdom, from the sumptuous garden parties at the local estate, to fortunes won and lost, etiquette challenged and friends championed… it is all wonderfully done, leaving the viewer begging for more.

Enjoy this “instant classic” and join me for it’s sequel which I’ll review in two weeks!


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