Christmas in Connecticut (Movie Review)

Christmas in Connecticut (Movie Review)

Christmas in Connecticut (movie Review)

We watched this on Christmas evening. Our daughter had mentioned she was spending “Christmas in Connecticut,” and her friend retorted that that was the name of one of her favorite movies. This peaked our daughter’s interest, so we looked it up, since we had never heard of it. It turns out that it is an old black and white classic from 1945, and we found it on HBO (now MAX), which our daughter’s boyfriend had a subscription to.

This old film was silly and improbable, ridiculous and fun. A lie can certainly get you into convoluted trouble, but thankfully, truth has a way of winning out in the end.

This romantic comedy utilizes tropes before they were identified as such. You want the lead to avoid marrying the boring guy, and to get together with the new one, where sparks fly. You’ll need to suspend your disbelief that any of this would ever happen this way, or that the ones who just met are ready to commit to each other after two days. However, you realize how essential that “chemistry” is, and wonder if maybe having it is enough, and everything else is just details that need to be work out.

Also note that in 1945, Connecticut at Christmas-time was typified as snow covered–and transport happened via sleighs– while now, alas, it is balmy and crazy warm.

Additionally, there was a wonderful cameo, where the only black person portrayed, was smarter and more learned than the rest of them put together.

However, one need not think about nor analyze all this that deeply; you can just enjoy this movie for the light romp that it is. Give this one a watch when you are in the mood for purely undemanding, easy entertainment. I give it 4 stars.




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