Hike from Gimmelwald down to Stechelberg

Hike from Gimmelwald down to Stechelberg

hike from Gimmelwald down to Stechelberg

We spent this day of mixed rain and sun perfectly, hiking from where we are staying at up in Gimmelwald down to the valley floor at Stechelberg.

The way was punctuated by many waterfalls– the ones we’ve been seeing and hearing from the deck of our lodgings– each joining a rushing river that got larger after each one. You can listen to one of the waterfalls here, and also you can hear the raging mountain stream here. These sounds were the glorious backdrop of our day.

One of the special delights of that day was finding, picking, and eating wild alpine strawberries next to the gushing stream. They were dainty, perfectly ripe, and very delicious in flavor.

This simple day with people I love, in this exceptionally lovely place that I’d hoped to visit for so long, filled me to the brim with gratitude.








Wild Strawberries!


Picking these wild strawberries next to a rushing mountain stream was idyllic!


So very delicious!

















We realize that we are staying up on that green pasture on this cliff, and that the waterfalls we are walking past are the ones we can see from that deck.


Looking down at Stechelberg about half-way there



All the land below a certain elevation (higher than Gimmelwald) is privately owned, mostly farmed.























View of Stechelberg going back up the gondola to Gimmelwald.
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  1. John+gregory 12 months ago

    So incredibly green and alive.

  2. Diane Williamson 12 months ago

    Absolutely superb scenery . Everywhere you look is yet another postcard ! It must feel surreal to be there in real life !!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 12 months ago

      It really was amazing.

  3. CAROLYN EMERSON 12 months ago

    I am blown away by the beauty of your photographs, and what must be a strenuous journey, hiking in land that is rarely horizontal anywhere. Bravo to the whole family. You set an awesome example for everyone you know! I’m enjoying being an ‘armchair traveler’ with you.

  4. Marge Thornton 12 months ago

    Thank you for sharing the beauty with us!!

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