Trümmelbach Falls

Trümmelbach Falls

Tümmelbach Falls

On another day of mixed rain and sun we visited Trümmelbach falls, which is the only outlet for the massive glacial melt-off from the Jungfrau glacier we hiked the other day. It floods down the inside of the mountain at the rate of 5000 gallons/second, and over centuries has carved and sculpted magnificent caverns. We did ten stories of stairs to witness it. I also took a bunch of cool black and white photos from here I’ll show you in a later post.

The still photos capture a sense of the hewn out interior of the mountain, but do not give a sense of the thunderous amount of water rushing through here. Check out my videos here and here for that. It came through with reverberating force; it was a very impressive experience. If you do this hike, be prepared to get wet!

The spray also made for happy flowers, mossy trees, and smiling daughters.























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  2. Diane Williamson 12 months ago

    Magnificent photos . In a couple of them the water looks like rows of curved lace

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