Salt Fat Acid Heat (Cookbook and Movie Review)

Salt Fat Acid Heat (Cookbook and Movie Review)

Salt Fat Acid Heat (Cookbook and Movie Review)

I love this cookbook, which is more about teaching you how to cook, and the concepts and procedures behind cooking, than step by step recipes. This would be a perfect gift for anyone that wants to understand how to cook. There is a lot of text here to read, however, so it is not for those whose interest is superficial. I recommend you read it, and take it to heart.

There is also a 4 part documentary (currently available on Netflix) with the same title, where you can see the author in action. She is a wonderful, down to earth, sincere person, that I liked immediately. This series serves as a teaser to make you want to return to the book all over again.

Also, the forward is by Michael Pollen, and the author of this cookbook is the one we read about in Pollen’s book Cooked; she taught him how to cook, and if you read that, you already liked her from his descriptions.  I reviewed Cooked here back in 2014.

Anyway, I give Salt Fat Acid Heat five enthusiastic stars.


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