Book Review: The Lawgiver

Book Review: The Lawgiver


I’m a Herman Wouk fan from as far back as the 70’s. I loved this recent light work written in his nineties in the form of correspondence – email, fax, skype, texting, etc.  Oh, to be able to be so “with it” at such an age!

The title refers to the story of Moses, which Wouk says is an impossible novel to write, so he writes one skirting it by imagining it done hollywood style.  But this story is much more than a retelling of Moses.

One thing very different for him is that both he and his beloved wife are characters (outright) in this work, and in the afterward he explains that she died in the seventh decade of their marriage, while he was writing this book.  Any credit he gives to himself being a great novelist, he passes on to her keen wit, and sharp, common sense.

Reading this work piqued my interest in reading those Wouk novels that I’ve not yet read.  I give this one 4 stars – fun, satisfying, quick, and while not deep, he sure does understand human nature.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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