Our Daughter’s Pottery Made at College

Our Daughter’s Pottery Made at College


When I drove to Pennsylvania to pick our daughter up to bring her home for the Thanksgiving holiday, I met her at the college’s pottery studio, where she was busily finishing up pieces to go into the kiln.

This gave me the opportunity to photograph what she has been doing in her wheel throwing class. The scope, quality, and quantity of the work she’s done in just a few short months is amazing.

She has experimented with all sorts of glazes, made nesting bowls (going into a juried show), made a “historical set” decorated with cuneiform (that has yet to be glazed), made a large lidded pot (being finished as I watched), a huge 14″ platter (so difficult!), and the lovely sgraffito plate above as well.

I was very impressed, since I know the kind of time and skill this array of pieces represents. She’s taking another pottery class next term, and taking 18 credits in order to be able to do it…

Anyway, enjoy these photos of her recent work.

IMG_7060      IMG_6990  IMG_6960   IMG_6971  IMG_6994 IMG_7043      IMG_7038  IMG_7042  IMG_7037    IMG_7049 IMG_7054  IMG_7023  IMG_7026  IMG_7052  IMG_7030  IMG_7003  IMG_7012    IMG_7011  IMG_6983  IMG_6988  IMG_6992    IMG_7031  IMG_7032  IMG_7001  IMG_6981    IMG_6966  IMG_6968  IMG_7000 IMG_6975

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  1. hallie 8 years ago

    Laura!!! How fabulous. Especially love the wolf dish and the nested bowls with turquoise. What is your website? How much is shipping?

  2. Becky Smith 8 years ago

    Wow! Laura sure has talent! I wonder where that came from?? :) B

  3. Jane Ellingwood 8 years ago

    Your daughter is very talented and also very hard-working, and I like every piece you photographed. If she has a local show I would love to attend. Jane.

  4. Patricia 8 years ago


    Having some idea of what’s involved, I am SO impressed. Beautiful and interesting pieces.

    What terrific talent! Please keep going with it.

  5. Deborah 8 years ago

    Ditto to all of the above comments. The sheer bulk of her work is amazing. Did she do anything else this term? But the quality is superb. Looks like she could earn enough to pay for college if she sells them. I am beyond impressed. Her multi-talented mother has surely made a mark.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 8 years ago

      She did this while taking the toughest Physics class possible (with lab and seminar), upper level Calculus, freshman comp, and a required information technology class– on top of this wheel throwing class. She’s planning on double majoring in math and physics, but figures she can do that while also taking a pottery class every term!

  6. ChristineMM 8 years ago

    Wow Laura! Lots of work. Glad to see the joy in your eyes!

  7. Heidi 8 years ago

    All awesome!

  8. kim 8 years ago

    Laura, these are gorgeous. The range of your work is mind-boggling. If you ever want to go commercial, I know that members of the various hunts around this area would be ga-ga over your fox. He’s gorgeous. He also looks rather clever and satisfied with himself :-) . Bravo!!!!

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