The Chosen (Movie Review)

The Chosen (Movie Review)

The Chosen Movie Review

I can’t say enough good things about this crowd-funded video series of Jesus’ life.

I thought the first few episodes were a little lackluster, but as their funding has flooded in, the series quickly has become top notch. We just finished season three (culminating with Jesus walking on the water), and will now have to wait until next season for more. The donor’s names at the end of season three took twenty minutes to roll through in microscopic font, filling the whole screen. The largest donor’s play the parts in the crowd scenes at the Sermon on the Mount and the feeding of the multitude.

The series does a good job of helping us to get to know these characters by giving them plausible backstory. This understanding illuminates for example Simon’s impetuosity, or why Matthew’s gospel is so detailed. You glean more than you did before, like for example, I saw parallels between the widow woman in the old testament with many vessels and the cruz of oil that kept pouring  forth, and how Jesus fed the multitude. Others have told me, for example, that they understand better the desperation of the “woman with an issue of blood.”  We have backstory now for the Roman centurion too, so we can see why he’ll approach Jesus soon.

There have only been a couple times when I felt like the script deviated more than I was comfortable with (like Jesus telling Bartholomew why he wouldn’t heal him– I don’t think so), but generally it is all masterfully done.

Apparently you can see this series on Netflix, but you can also watch it here for free on the show’s website. Seven seasons in total are planned, and three have been released.  I totally recommend watching this and give it five stars. We can’t wait for season four!

















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  1. Gillian 1 year ago

    5 stars from me too, Polly – it is a real gem.
    Peter’s struggles really resonate – and give us all hope!

  2. Kristie Haygood 1 year ago

    One of the things I really appreciate about this work is the creator of the series, Dallas Jenkins seeks the counsel of three spiritual leaders: a Jewish Rabbi, a Catholic Priest and a Protestant Pastor as he creates this series. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  3. Nancy Allan 1 year ago

    I love its depiction of Jesus…normal, humorous, patient, tolerant, ever-encouraging…mindful of just who he has chosen as disciples…not the best and the brightest, but those in need of transformation. I agree with the “lackluster” nature of the first couple of episodes and was so happy that I decided to carry on. I was particularly moved by the writing of the Beatitudes as he glanced upon his disciples, implying that he had learned from each of them the need for these healing directives.

  4. Liz 1 year ago

    I very much agree. I loved the portrayal of Nicodemus. Also the relationships between the disciples, and with Jesus. As you say the show puts events into plausible context.

  5. Lynn Dermott 7 months ago

    I too love The Chosen. A good friend at church and I have been talking about this series being like a “John the Baptist thought” preparing thought for the Christ-healing Truth of CS. Also, some of Humanity’s Team ideas do the same thing as they talk about spirituality and higher ideas of consciousness, understanding God, and overcoming fears and ego. Love to you and all you and James are doing to share these spiritual ideas.

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