Be Spiritually Minded

Be Spiritually Minded

Be spiritually minded by Polly Castor

“A simple and practical way to achieve peace in life is to be spiritually minded. It is not a vast task, and can be straightforwardly done. It is not complex, or like something difficult that must be strained for, as if out of reach. It’ll feel like returning home, or falling back into a pile of soft pillows.

To be spiritually minded is as much a giving up as a gaining. Lose a personal sense of responsibility and release your anxiety. Proactively choose instead a calm, deliberate, joyfully open acceptance of whatever is good right in front of you. Do this, and your progress is assured; you’ll quietly advance in a completely natural manner.

Spiritual mindedness desires to be just and wise, pure and kind– to notice, commune with, and live amongst beauty and truth. It expands thought to include more good. Thought is occupied with wholesome endeavors, and effort is applied to living out from your highest hopes. You joyously share your light, not as the source of it, but because that Source surges through you and spills out, with all impediments to its overflow removed.

This state of bliss should not be regarded as a distant goal, but instead, an everyday possibility. Each moment make it your purpose to get yourself out of the way, and then reach for and connect with that which is infinitely present, and powerfully good.”

Polly Castor

how to be spiritually minded

I work to amplify good wherever I find it. I love color, texture, beauty, great ideas, nature, metaphor, deliciousness, genuine spirituality, and exploring new territory. I encourage authenticity, nurture creativity, champion sustainability, promote peace, and hope to foster a new renaissance where we all are free to be our most fulfilled, multifaceted, and terrific selves. Read more here.


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