6,000 Tweets

6,000 Tweets

why Twitter

I have now done 6,000 tweets on Twitter in seven years. You can see my current Twitter feed in the footer of every page of my website, or you can check it out here @PollyCastor.

Feel free to follow me, and I’d be happy to follow you. I post a whole range of stuff, retweeting articles I think are important, posting photos I’ve taken, blogs I’ve written, worthwhile quotes (both original and other people’s).

I #hashtag stuff to be in the global conversation. It works; for example my article about being an #atheist finding God got some serious legs on Twitter, being both reprinted in periodicals and offering me the opportunity to chat about it with a lot of folks I don’t know. Most often, however, you’ll never know who you will reach and I like that too. Let the universe figure that out. I like the opportunity Twitter gives me for amplifying good.

Also fun is that Twitter has put me directly in touch with authors I review, as well as famous people I appreciate. How many times has that blown me away? It is great to encourage one another as we all do our work to improve the world in our own way. And Twitter has brought the blessing of the Twitter Art Exhibit as well, with its wonderful worldwide supportive community of artists.

I follow so many people (over 1000 artists, chefs, authors, & spiritual people) on Twitter that I can dip into it in a quick in-between moment and there is always something there to inspire me or get me thinking. I rotate between Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but they all offer something different than each other. I don’t really spend that much time on any of them, sifting them in during very miscellaneous spare moments of my day mostly on my cell phone.

I follow more strangers on Twitter than any other platform (except for Pinterest which is image only, and isn’t really social or interactive, where I follow 2,000 and am followed by over 3,000). Twitter is more about text based ideas than images, although more photos have been added recently. I was an early adopter in 2009, so for a long time it was short text only, and that is still largely how I think of it. On both Facebook and Instagram I only follow people I know, so I don’t get the same global pulse there as I do on Twitter, and just check in on my friends and associates.

I have a second Twitter account (@PrayerHeals) for only spiritual related tweets, but there are far fewer tweets on that account. Sometimes I retweet myself between the two accounts. Many times on Twitter I have seen prayer for healing as a “trending topic,” and if it wasn’t always during some calamity, it would be more satisfying to see it surface to the top of the conversation.

You can see some examples of content in my Twitter feed in this post…

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.04.39 AM  Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.21.12 AM  Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.46.33 AM Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.32.21 AM Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.06.00 AM  Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.09.36 AM  Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.03.21 AM  Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.59.37 AM

I work to amplify good wherever I find it. I love color, texture, beauty, great ideas, nature, metaphor, deliciousness, genuine spirituality, and exploring new territory. I encourage authenticity, nurture creativity, champion sustainability, promote peace, and hope to foster a new renaissance where we all are free to be our most fulfilled, multifaceted, and terrific selves. Read more here.


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