Photo Walk: Early Fall in Huntington State Park 2018

Photo Walk: Early Fall in Huntington State Park 2018

Photo Walk: Early Fall in Huntington State Park

We have had tons of rain since July, but not really a “cold snap” yet, so our autumn colors are not as glorious as usual. This is making fall later here, and some leaves are dropping before they turn, unlike five hours north of here, where they are experiencing an intense autumnal show. Anyway, it is still lovely, even though we don’t have vast swaths of our iconic vibrant reds and yellows, and there is way more green than is stereotypical for this time of year. I return to this land season after season, and it is remarkable how different it looks under different conditions!

So follow along with me on this long walk at Huntington State Park, which overlaps the borders of three towns near here, including mine. All these photos were taken casually with my iPhone, as I wandered contemplatively through this chunk of land I equate with my home these last 25 years. I was loving gulping down the mild fresh air after weeks indoors, and relishing the fecund sent of decaying leaves, as they rattle and crunch underfoot. I am so grateful public land like this has been preserved as such a sanctuary for anyone like me that needs all this glory in their life.


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