Our Graduate’s Lovely Church Sendoff

Our Graduate’s Lovely Church Sendoff

Our joyful graduation weekend continued with visiting our daughter’s State College, Pennsylvania church. These wonderful people literally went out of their way for our daughter, driving her 45 minutes each way to church every Sunday morning. They have been loving and supportive, and have made a big, positive difference in our daughter’s college experience.

After church yesterday, they hosted a wonderful potluck lunch in our graduate’s honor. (We made and brought the ginger cake Laura likes – see the recipe here on the blog.) They also all signed a nice card and gave her a generous, and completely unexpected gift. One couple also hosted our other daughter and us for the weekend, which was very appreciated. And our older daughter saw again a friend she was a camp counselor with eight years ago!

As we thanked everyone, each one said our daughter was the gift, and they were the grateful ones. It was so sweet to see church community at its best. We are so very grateful for this abundant expression of love that is this church, and the part they played in our daughter’s college experience!


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  1. deborah 5 years ago

    Just beautiful. What a blessing to our world and what a counter to all the nonsense going on in our world. Love is the power.

  2. Kate 5 years ago

    Precious moments. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Loree A. Ogan 5 years ago

    It is one thing to make a lasting impression on your college with great grades but it is something extra special that in four short years Laura could have done the same with her church. You have a remarkable daughter


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