Other Graduation Weekend Photos (Including a Few Bloopers)

Other Graduation Weekend Photos (Including a Few Bloopers)

Here are the rest of my photos from graduation weekend, including some bloopers, in case you thought we were always serious. I was glad to get some photos of each combination of the four of us on the way to a nice dinner after graduation.

You can see below our daughter with her ceramics professor as she cleaned out her studio area, for the last time. We watched as she smashed about forty of her “comfort bowls” that were beautiful, but didn’t meet her quality control; there is even a photo of them in shards at the bottom of the dumpster. And I caught my husband and oldest daughter laughing uproariously at past date newspaper comics when they are supposed to be helping wrap ceramics in them instead. You can see the soda kiln that our daughter fired endlessly, manning it at all hours of the day and night. You can also see some of our daughter’s other ceramic work that she made as gifts (one to each of thirteen professors), including that most fabulous blue cup for me (for late Mother’s Day), and three planters for her Papa (for early Father’s Day).

And maybe more than anything, it was a joy to see our daughters’ love for each other in their complete and total delight at being together. We are now home again in Connecticut, with dorm contents spewing across our front hall, texting our older daughter back in California. We all had a great time.




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