Gray Day Water Surface Photography (Abstract Composition)

Gray Day Water Surface Photography (Abstract Composition)

Water Surface Abstract Compositions in Gray

These are color images of the water surface taken on recent gray days. The trees are reflected and only the slightest undulations are on the surface of basically still water. The patterns are ever-changing and fascinating. Some of these ring as fluid shapes, some as wiggly branch shapes, while others seem like something completely else.

Each frame of these, taken only with my iPhone, are microcosms of perfect little abstract compositions. And people act like abstraction is a departure from reality! I guess they haven’t looked very closely.

We are surrounded by ephemeral (and solid!) abstract imagery all the time, so much so we are often inured to it. I highly recommend paying closer attention to the tiny miracles surrounding all of us all the time, there just for the noticing.


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  1. John gregory 3 years ago


  2. Lynn Wood 3 years ago

    Lovely! They would make beautiful quartz countertop designs!❤️

  3. Kami Evarts 3 years ago

    Thanks, so beautiful!

  4. Beautiful series, Polly!

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