Photos from an Autumn Day in Vermont

Photos from an Autumn Day in Vermont

Fall foliage Vermont

Yes, you are right, yesterday I woke up in North Carolina and drove the twelve hours back to Connecticut, but today I drove our youngest round trip to Vermont and back –three hours each way – for sample classes and an interview at Marlboro college. (See my blog post about that place here.)

So while I was cooling my heals waiting for her, I chose some dead end lanes to walk down in the light drizzle, mostly protected by a canopy above. At first I was disappointed in the weather, but when I started appreciating how the wet tree trunks made the leaf colors pop and the mist made all the greens more saturated (pun intended!), I enjoyed being in this glorious riot of sopping color, and was grateful for the opportunity.

I’m home now, and I’m not going anywhere for a month!

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