Saguaro Photos

Saguaro Photos

Saguaro Photos

I enjoyed seeing these giant saguaros last month in Arizona. I learned that saguaro is pronounced (Soo-Whar-o) and that they have to live to 100 years old before they can grow an arm. So when you look at all these majestic arms, realize the ancient beings you are witnessing. I loved how the birds like to hang out on their tops and also that the moon cooperated nicely by gracing some of these shots. And check out those close-ups for some great examples of texture!


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  1. Heidi Smith 6 years ago

    “Way out in the desert where Saguaros reach to heaven lived a mother jackrabbit and her little rabbits seven…” – pretty sure you guys got us that children’s book that the kids have always loved!

    Nature is so creative/incredible/ridiculous sometimes (actually, all the time) and these cacti really sum that up! I had no idea they were so old and majestic …trees usually get all the glory in that department. :)

  2. Dilys 6 years ago

    I loved those cacti too when we visited Arizona and they offer home to many creatures including little owls! So sweet!
    I also loved it that those cacti are seen on the Arizona car plates! We love spotting the different state car plates when we visit USA and see how many we can find, it’s a great game!

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