Bits and Clips for July 2018

Bits and Clips for July 2018

This blog is a monthly feature on this blog of  best I saw, read, or heard on the internet during the past month. I hope in the links and memes below you find something that informs, inspires, intrigues, motivates, or entertains you.


Fluidic Marble Sculptures (video)

Art is Advertising for What We Really Need (video)

Pastel Monoprint as Underpainting

How to Start Knitting and learn to Love it


What We Most Need

What are You Grateful For Today?

Reverend Jim Martin Discusses the Moral Imperative to Welcome Migrant Children

One Infinite God, Good

A Precious Discovery

Quit Leaning on Jesus as a Crutch

Lesson from a Traffic Jam (short podcast)

Resist and Resist Not

Loving God in a Material World

To Leave Behind a Well Remembered Name

An Evangelical Politician Like No Other


Antartica’s Ice is Melting Three Times as Fast as a Decade Ago

Mr. Roger’s Commencement Speech at Dartmouth

Motherhood in the Age of Fear

Westminster Abby’s Hidden History

Can Participatory Design Save the World?

Places That Limit Tourist Numbers

Obama Speaks in South Africa

Medical Errors Third Leading Cause of Death in America


Why Reading Books Should Be Your Priority According to Science

60 Books Bill Gates Recommends


Chipotle Lime Black Bean Dip Recipe


Jane Fonda’s TED talk: Life’s Third Act (video)

President of Ghana speaks to the President of France (video)

Black Woman Named President of the American Medical Association

San Francisco Leads the Way Environmentally (video)

The Man Clearing 9000 Tons of Trash from Mumbai’s Beaches (video)

Artificial Glaciers Provide Fresh Water (video)
























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