Feel Something Larger (quote by Nando Parrado)

Feel Something Larger (quote by Nando Parrado)

Feel Something Larger (quote by Nando Parrado)

“…I did not feel God as most people see Him. I did feel something larger than myself, something in the mountains and the glaciers and the glowing sky that, in rare moments, reassured me, and made me feel that the world was orderly and loving and good… It was simply a silence, a wholeness, an awe-inspiring simplicity. It seemed to reach me through my own feelings of love, and I have often thought that when we feel what we call love, we are really feeling our connection to this awesome presence… It wasn’t cleverness or courage or any kind of competence or savvy that saved us, it was nothing more than love, our love for each other, for our families, for the lives we wanted so desperately to live.”

Nando Parrado, Miracle in the Andes

(Photos from my 2010 trip to the Tetons… I got up before dawn for them)

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  1. Mary Jo Beebe 6 years ago

    These photos, Polly, are unbelievably beautiful, and I love the quote. In the beauty and order of nature, I have felt what he expresses.

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