Two New Pages in my Artist Journal Along with Time Lapse Videos

Two New Pages in my Artist Journal Along with Time Lapse Videos

Two Art Journal Pages with Time-lapses

After having a three hour plein air painting filmed in time-lapse by the videographer at camp, I’ve started to feel like videoing me painting can be fun. With these two recent artist journal pages, I first try my hand at doing them myself. I may be hooked!

Click here to see the video of me painting the page below (my first one) along with the amazing music of Lisa Redfern.

Click here to see me painting the one above to some slack key guitar.

I’ve made a new blog tag “Timelapse” for these posts on this blog as they accrue. Or you could follow me on instagram @PollyCastor where they are originally created and posted.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Sue Wall 1 year ago


  2. Mary Jo Beebe 1 year ago

    Interesting to see this in action. Interesting to see you paint the background first–and all over. Wondered how what you do at this level is part of an overall plan of what you do after. Saw you take off some paint you didn’t really like on a portion–which I thought you probably were intuitively seeing would interfere with another idea you had. Realized that in both paintings, collage is a big part of the painting. Didn’t see this before. Still don’t get how what you are painting is a reflection of what you are feeling. Wondered what the medium is–acrylic?

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