Rebecca and Landan’s Rehearsal Dinner

Rebecca and Landan’s Rehearsal Dinner

Rebecca and Landan's Rehearsal Dinner

We flew to Texas for Rebecca and Landan’s wedding, which was last weekend. (Rebecca is in my husband’s extended family.) It was great to see everyone. In this post are photos from the rehearsal dinner, hanging around in the hotel lobby afterwards, and at breakfast at Panera the morning before the wedding. Tomorrow I’ll share the wedding photos.

I love my husband’s extended family and really enjoy their company. We came together from Connecticut (us), California (our older daughter and her cousin), Virginia, Louisiana, Isreal, and all over Texas for this event, which was held in College Station.

A great time was had by all. There is a whole lot of love expressed in this group, and I’m really grateful for that.

Also my husband’s cousin Lillie (a fellow blog reader of yours) bought one of the nine paintings I sold in my recent small works show, so we brought it to her on this trip. You can see her with it as well below.

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