The Amazing Mosaics at Smither Park

The Amazing Mosaics at Smither Park

The Amazing Mosaics at Smither Park

Our hostess in Houston, Christine (a fellow blog reader of yours since this blog’s inception ten years ago), took us to see the amazing mosaics at Smither Park, knowing we would love it. As you can tell by the huge quantity of photos here, we did!

Every Saturday, artists and novices gather to continue working on this amazing project that has been evolving for years. Many mosaics in the photographs are complete, but I also took photos of some that were in the process, so you can see how it is done.

The creativity displayed here is wonderful! Look at all these photos of mine, and if you want to know more, check out the website here.


IMG_4961  IMG_4960  IMG_4962  IMG_4942  IMG_4940  IMG_4951  IMG_4946  IMG_4954  IMG_4939  IMG_4955  IMG_4959  IMG_4963  IMG_4968  IMG_4969  IMG_4973  IMG_4974  IMG_4977  IMG_4978  IMG_4979  IMG_4981  IMG_4982  IMG_4985  IMG_4990  IMG_4991  IMG_4993  IMG_4994  IMG_4995  IMG_4996  IMG_4997  IMG_5003  IMG_5007  IMG_5012  IMG_5023  IMG_5024  IMG_5026  IMG_5028  IMG_5032  IMG_5038  IMG_5039  IMG_5040  IMG_5048  IMG_5050 IMG_5058  IMG_5059  IMG_5060  IMG_5061  IMG_5063  IMG_5068  IMG_5065  IMG_5070  IMG_5072  IMG_5073  IMG_5075  IMG_5077  IMG_5080  IMG_5082  IMG_5084  IMG_5085  IMG_5086  IMG_5087  IMG_5088  IMG_5090  IMG_5093  IMG_5096  IMG_5099 IMG_5100   IMG_5101  IMG_5102  IMG_5104  IMG_5105  IMG_5106  IMG_5110  IMG_5109  IMG_5111  IMG_5113  IMG_5115  IMG_5118  IMG_5119  IMG_5120  IMG_5121  IMG_5122 IMG_5123  IMG_5127  IMG_5128  IMG_5130  IMG_5136  IMG_5137  IMG_5139  IMG_5140  IMG_5141  IMG_5143  IMG_8132  IMG_5146  IMG_8102  IMG_8215  IMG_8114  IMG_8214  IMG_8125

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  1. Anita 6 years ago

    How delightful!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Diane Lally 6 years ago

    Wow, so much to see! That certainly inspires the imagination. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Marcia 6 years ago

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Louise 6 years ago

    Wow! Thanks for sharing….. I love this……..

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