Snorkeling in Guadaloupe (New Large Pastel Painting)

Snorkeling in Guadaloupe (New Large Pastel Painting)
Snorkeling in Guadaloupe, underwater painting Snorkeling in Guadaloupe (pastel) by Polly Castor

A year ago I was in Guadaloupe snorkeling in the Jaques Cousteau Reserve with our older daughter, and this painting commemorates that experience. I’m pleased with it since it utilizes unusual wet pastel methods I don’t see others using. See the entire image above and the close up detail photographs below.

Purchase the original painting here.

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Have you snorkeled and studied what was deep below you in the water? It is fascinating, with the undulating plants, the shafts of light, the deep shadows and the darting schools of bright fish.









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  1. Kate+Gibson+Oswald 6 months ago

    Scrumptious! Thanks for painting this Polly.

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