Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Last weekend we were in Texas for a wedding so we went a few days early to see friends and go museum hopping. Here are my photos from our visit to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. These were my favorites, and some include close-up photos of the brushwork. The Wilson Tunnel was a highlight too!

IMG_4839  IMG_4840  IMG_7989  IMG_4777  IMG_4818  IMG_7938  IMG_4832  IMG_4830  IMG_7939  IMG_7940  IMG_4831  IMG_7941  IMG_7944  IMG_7946  IMG_7947  IMG_8100  IMG_4779  IMG_4780  IMG_4788  IMG_4789  IMG_4790  IMG_4792  IMG_4795  IMG_4820  IMG_4796  IMG_4835  IMG_4799  IMG_7916  IMG_4800  IMG_4801  IMG_7920  IMG_4810  IMG_4804  IMG_4808  IMG_4806  IMG_4805  IMG_4807  IMG_4834  IMG_4814  IMG_4815  IMG_4809  IMG_4841  IMG_4782  IMG_4803  IMG_4802  IMG_4824  IMG_4827  IMG_4821  IMG_4868
IMG_4869 (1)  IMG_4854  IMG_7988  IMG_7902 IMG_4874

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  1. Deborah Dunne 6 years ago

    Thank you for this great visit to the art museum! The Andre Derain reminded me so much of your own work.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 6 years ago

      Thank you! That is a MAJOR compliment for I LOVE that painting!

  2. anne merriam 6 years ago

    Stellar!!! Thank you Polly

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