Photos from April Hikes at Huntington State Park 2021

Photos from April Hikes at Huntington State Park 2021

Hunting State park photos

Still plodding the same ground, I’m reveling in the gentle emergence of spring. Since the greens come on in such incremental stages, I’ve posted the photos below in the order they were taken throughout the month. However, in the last three days, since any of these were taken, we’ve had a big rain and our leaves are fully burst open and waving their flags in jubilation. Such a quick change after watching closely the gradual shift shown here.

As always, I encourage you to be mindful of everything– but particularly of nature!– in your surroundings. Doing so is such a blessing for the rhythms of life.

For those new here, these are taken with my iPhone, without filters or photoshop, a few during each hike. Huntington State Park is five minutes from our house and has been frequented on repeat during our whole 29 years here, but particularly during the pandemic.




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  1. LOREE A. OGAN 3 years ago

    Your photos have opened my eyes to the beauty surrounding us everywhere

  2. Carolyn Emerson 3 years ago

    Your photos are a lovely mixture of beauty, color, and abstraction, all of them fascinating. They are wonderful to peruse.
    Thank you!

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