Faith Can Move Mountains (Solo Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal)

Faith Can Move Mountains (Solo Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal)

Faith Can Move Mountains Solo Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal

Faith Can Move Mountains lyrics

Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
The evidence of things we cannot see.
The Spirit testifies with faith we can rise
Above the clouds of sense and be free.

Chorus: Oh, faith can move mountains, and part the sea.
Faith heals the sick, and makes the blind to see.
You can move mountains with one tiny seed
Of faith that God can give you everything you need.

When the adamant of error is a boulder in our way,
And we’re trapped looking back into a thousand yesterdays,
Let God’s dear Love dissolve the cold, willful stone;
Have faith God is here and now: we’re not working alone.

When fear or anger breaks out in something that seems so real
And we think its just one more thing that has to be healed,
Turn to God; be grateful for the good already received.
This is one more opportunity to prove what we believe.

By Carolyn Kardinal
Available here on Watchfire Music

(Beautiful, touching solo sung in our service last Sunday)
(I took these photos in the Tetons back in 2010)

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