Early Spring Flowers (Photos)

Early Spring Flowers (Photos)

Early Spring Flower Photos



Here is the next stage of spring here, now that the crocus are gone. We are exalting in daffodils, forsythia, hyacinth, scilla, and violets. The tulips are generally not out yet, but I have spotted a few. Next week there will probably be blooming plum, magnolia, and weeping cherry trees!

Oh, I love the smell of hyacinths right next to the porch!

And yes, I made the vase in the last photo, expressly for forsythia!

Enjoy in this posts our floral apostles of this season.

































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  1. Sue+Krevitt 2 years ago

    The SCENT of Hyacinth and Forsythia, all across the WWWeb … Amazing!!!😄

    Happy Ever-Renewing Life to you and James in
    your flowery Connecticut Home! 😊

    Gorgeous Green and RAINY Day here in California!
    Yay! Dogwood is blooming outside my office…and All is Well in God’s Kingdom!


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