Movie Review: The Visitor

Movie Review: The Visitor


 the question of what makes life meaningful, as well as a study in the universal language of music. I give it 4.5 stars.

Walter is a tuned out widowed professor that is “pretending” to live his life. He is disconnected and numb, just going through the usual paces, marking time. He is required to go to New York City to present someone else’s paper and in the process returns to his apartment there which he hasn’t been back to in a long time. Upon entering, he discovers a couple living there! What is transpires is beautiful and believable on both sides.

Walter’s character slowly comes alive as he reengages with life through his involvement with his new friends. One wonders who is really the visitor, this man reviving to life or these illegal immigrants that are in danger of deportation. He tries to help, but there is nothing to be done but love.

This movie inspires the viewer not only to get out of their own mindless ruts but also to give the next immigrant they meet the benefit of the doubt for what they have to contribute to America. We are sharing one world, and one song of life, with similar drums beating for hearts.


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