Other Recent Photos of Vermont

Other Recent Photos of Vermont

Other Recent Photos of Vermont

It was very cloudy, rainy, and cold during my visit to Vermont, and previously I posted the plethora of cloud pictures I took there. Here are my other photos from last weekend’s trip there for the painting workshop I blogged about yesterday.

Other than the workshop, I visited the Vermont Country Store for the first time. I bought there a wonderfully thick flannel nightgown with no lace, and maple cream filled leaf cookies, which you might want to try; see photo of the box below–I thought they were yummy.

I also had a lovely dinner with my gracious hostess at Positive Pie in Hardwick (see the huge dimly lit pizza below) and got a tour of the Hardwick Gazette (see first few photos below). And I had a fabulous breakfast at the Butler’s Pantry in Stowe, Vermont, which you can see in the last photo below. I totally recommend having breakfast there if you are in the area, and I wish it was closer to home!

I loved Vermont’s covered bridges, the tree lined hills, and the majestic vistas. I hope to return when the weather is better for hiking!

IMG_3554  IMG_3551  IMG_3553  IMG_5572  IMG_3460  IMG_5594  IMG_5644  IMG_5587  IMG_3557  IMG_3555  IMG_3559  IMG_3556  IMG_3562  IMG_3570   IMG_3573
IMG_3583  IMG_3718 IMG_3585  IMG_3721  IMG_3586  IMG_3720  IMG_3589  IMG_3719  IMG_3657  IMG_3459  IMG_3722  IMG_3778  IMG_3725  IMG_5611  IMG_5619

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