New Abstract Conceptualist Painting in Pastel: July

New Abstract Conceptualist Painting in Pastel: July
July (abstract conceptualist painting in pastel) by Polly Castor

July (abstract conceptualist painting in pastel) by Polly Castor

This is the first abstract in a series I plan to make of the spirit of each month summed up in a painting. When I have all twelve completed I plan to make a calendar of them for sale. 

It is an interesting challenge to visually sum up the essence of a month or time period without any representational images. In this post you can see what July feels like to me, full of sun and water, periwinkle hydrangeas, long days, cool evenings and dazzling night skies, with lots of overlapping, but restful activity. My concept for this piece would have been easier to execute in acrylics but I love the colors in pastel so forged ahead to paint it in a medium that doesn’t embrace overlapping layers quite as congenially.

You can see the entire image above and close-up details below. If you would like prints or merchandise of this painting, obtain them here in my gallery. The original is also available; let me know if you are interested.

IMG_9558    IMG_9554 IMG_9552  IMG_9553

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