Our Daughter’s Sacramento Apartment

Our Daughter’s Sacramento Apartment


After an intense several days our daughter’s apartment is starting to come together nicely. I left with a long list of things we had hoped to get to but did not. Her bedroom is still a disaster, and her freezer is still empty; but she’ll find her way, even without a car. She still has books coming from home, so the bookcases are not done.

We did a lot though, and are pleased with the emerging results. My parent’s table looks fantastic in her dining room, almost like it has always belonged there. The new futon is wonderful and great to sleep on. Some artwork of mine is prominently featured. The kitchen cabinets and drawers have been transformed, and the IKEA furniture assembled. I installed a new shower head, and our daughter picked out a stunning shower curtain.

I must thank Elizabeth for her help emptying the UBox and washing the linens we used to protect the furniture in it, as well as for helping us by locating and expertly using a drill to hang blinds and put the table together. We really appreciate it!

I’m so glad our daughter included me in this process even though it was a ton of work. I am grateful to have a sense of where she is as this new adventure of hers unfolds…

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