50 Ways to Show Kids You Care

50 Ways to Show Kids You Care


This list was in our local paper and I thought it worth sharing:

50 Ways to Show Kids You Care

1) Acknowledge them
2) Learn their names
3) Remember their birthdays
4) Ask them about themselves
5) Make eye contact when you talk to them
6) Listen to them
7) Play with them
8) Read aloud to them
9) Tell them their feelings are OK
10) Set boundaries that keep them safe
11) Be honest
12) Be yourself
13) Listen to their stories
14) Hug them
15) Notice when they’re acting differently
16) Present options when they seek your council
17) Play outside together
18) Surprise them
19) Stay with them when they’re afraid
20) Suggest better behaviors when they act out
21) Feed them when they’re hungry
22) Delight in their discoveries
23) Send them a letter or postcard
24) Follow them when they lead
25) Notice when they’re absent
26) Call them to say hello
27) Give them space when they need it
28) Contribute to their collections
29) Discuss their dreams and nightmares
30) Laugh at their jokes
31) Kneel, squat, or sit so you’re at their eye level
32) Answer their questions
33) Tell them how terrific they are
34) Create a tradition with them and keep it
35) Learn what they have to teach
36) Use your ears more than your mouth(that’s why you have 2 ears and 1 mouth!)
37) Make yourself available
38) Show up at their concerts, games and events
39) Apologize when you’ve done something wrong
40) Listen to their favorite music with them
41) Keep the promises you make
42) Display their artwork in your home
43) Thank them
44) Point out what you like about them
45) Clip magazine pictures or articles that interest them
46) Catch them doing something right
47) Ask for their opinion
48) Have fun together
49) Be curious with them
50) Meet their friends.

Written by Jolene L. Roehlkepartain, you can see the original here.


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