Kitchen Drawers Before and After

Kitchen Drawers Before and After

painting kitchen drawers

The one drawback in the lovely apartment our daughter landed was that the interior of the kitchen drawers and cabinets were pretty bad, while fine on the outside. The “before pictures” below show the drawers before I touched them– I hadn’t scraped them yet! Unfortunately, I do not have “before photos” of inside the cabinets but you can see “after photos” of those renovated interiors in this post as well as the drawers.

This project was exhausting and a lot of work. First I removed a ton of huge staples that someone must have used to paper them in the past. The above tool was my lifesaver for this task and eventually I realized it was my friend for scraping as well, since just sanding was taking too long. So after the staples were out, I scrapped them, sanded them, washed them, let them dry, primed them, let them dry, and painted them.

This was tricky since we were only there five days and wanted them to cure enough to move into them as well during that time. And what a workout all that scraping was! My poor right arm! But the results are rather good, and I was pleased to see such an improvement. See the “after photos” of all this effort below!

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