Architecture in our Daughter’s New Town

Architecture in our Daughter’s New Town

Hamilton NY Architecture

Our daughter had a great experience at Lehigh University, and the campus there is lovely, but the surrounding neighborhoods were dicey, dilapidated, and far less safe than a mother would want. I am so grateful she has moved on to this lovely location in upstate New York.

I didn’t have much time to walk around while we were moving her in, but there was great architecture everywhere, with plenty of space and greenery and air. You felt like you could breathe there! What a dramatic difference from where she’s been. This environment feels healthy and human scale.

She’s got a really nice walk to work at Colgate University, where she’ll start her career as a Physics professor. I love the road lined with trees, as well as the adorable small downtown. Also in the photos below, you can see the Colgate Inn, where we stayed.










Cute downtown





Lots of space and green between buildings…


On her walk to work on the Colgate University Campus…


Colgate University Science Center where she will teach…


Colgate Inn where we stayed.

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  1. Isabel 5 days ago

    Yes, I know those parental feelings. When my daughter started the U of C and I went to help her move in. She told me, “You can go out the front door and go straight and end up at the UofC Hospital. If you go left, you’ll end up at the library. But if you turn right, I’ll never see you again.

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