The Black and White of the Insurrection (Bits and Clips)

The Black and White of the Insurrection (Bits and Clips)

The Black and White of the Insurrection (Bits and Clips)

Click here for the best unbiased, factual summary I’ve read of the events on Wednesday January 6, 2021.

It was horrible enough that our President incited an insurrectionist mob to storm our capitol. But further horrible was how easily it was done, and how undefended we were. Worse yet, is that I kept thinking that they were only getting away with it because they were white, and worse yet again that they were white supremacists, carrying confederate flags. The capitol was highly defended during the peaceful Black Lives Matters protests, but not so at all when it was widely acknowledged there would be an attempt for Trump supporters undermine the election that day at the capitol. If blacks had breached the capitol, they would have been shot. But for white bullies intent on overtaking the government? I saw not even a sign of hand cuffs. They got a limp “go home.” Where is justice?

Fortunately this time they didn’t have a plan when they entered the capitol, but next time they will. We are setting a precedent here, and there must be clear and major consequences and accountability for those who violated the law in this way, or it will happen again. Standing in the way of a peaceful transition of power is not ok. Storming the capitol is not ok. Inciting mob rule is not okay. Trying to steal an election by causing and encouraging doubt in the election process is not ok. They need to see that a larger principle is at work, which they cannot manipulate to their whim. Principal, integrity, and law must wield its power, not the rabble!

I thought this piece emailed me by a friend, written by his friend Dr. Michael Jenkins is worth sharing, although not as outraged as is appropriate:

“In our history we have suffered self-inflicted moral failures out of all proportion as a nation. The institution of slavery, what has been called our nation’s “original sin,” was founded on systematic inhumanity and violence that no civilized people can condone. The genocide committed against the original occupants of this continent still haunts us. We have not only fought wars of necessity, but wars of adventure too, costing untold lives of brave men and women. These and many other sins can be laid at our door. And in these ways and in many others we are just like any other people, like other nations. But this is not all we are.

The United States of America is not just a geographical location, a place on a map, it is a set of ideals. And these ideals have drawn us back again and again from the abyss. These ideals have also taught others around the world how to have a nation built on something more than our lowest impulses, even when we have betrayed those ideals.

These ideals were trampled on this week. These institutions were threatened.

Some in our nation have sought a moral equivalence between the protests we have witnessed this year related to racial justice issues and the insurrection by a mob against the elected representatives of the people of our country. There is no denying that there were occasions when radical elements in otherwise peaceful protests took advantage of the moment and committed acts of violence and destruction that no one can tolerate. And those who did so, as I and others said at the time, should be prosecuted. But there were hundreds of instances from coast to coast in which vast numbers of citizens of all colors and ethnicities peacefully protested abuses of power committed against persons of color. And we know that in some cases, when violence did erupt, it did so in the midst of peaceful protests and were not the result of the protesters, but of those in authority who took advantage of the moment to sow hatred and division.

What we witnessed this week in Washington D.C., however, was unprecedented in American history. It is neither historically, politically or morally equivalent with the protests we witnessed this past year. A mob demanded that the elected representatives of the United States do their bidding and overturn an election that had been certified in states across the country by state officials of both political parties. And while the elected representatives of the people argued over the certification in a process outlined by the U. S. Constitution, this mob violently stormed the capitol building terrorizing those going about the business of the people of this country. This was not an act of patriotism.

I am sure there were people in attendance at this event who intended simply to participate in a peaceful protest in expression of their political views. They were likely also as horrified by what happened on Capitol Hill as we are. But let us be clear: the flags that were flown by this mob included symbols of secession, of Neo-Nazism, of White Supremacy, and of a dangerous political cult of personality worship. This was a frontal attack upon self-government, and the democratic values and institutions that make self-government possible and that protect it. This was the direct result of carefully cultivated political opportunism on the part of elected officials who have sworn to protect our democracy and to uphold the Constitution.

This week the mask fell off and we saw the face of what we as a country are dealing with, not a struggle for policies, but for raw power.

Partisan politics is not the problem we face as a nation. Divisions and pluralities of political perspectives is not the problem. Differences of perspective enrich our life together. Even when I find the arguments of the political left and right irritating or irrational, I know that our nation is enriched by their competing, conflicting, countervailing views. Our democratic values and institutions exist to provide a framework in which we can argue and disagree and negotiate. This week we saw an attempt to violate those values, and undercut those institutions, through intimidation and force.

We shall all be dealing with the fallout from these events in Washington D.C. for some time to come. But, as we do, there’s more at stake than political power. The character of our nation hangs in the balance.

There’s an old hymn I love. It’s a missionary song. “We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations.” The story is about Jesus Christ, in the context of that old hymn. But we Americans of all faiths and none have stories to tell to the nations too. Of course, we’ve been telling those stories to the nations for a couple of centuries, stories about a people who keep choosing self-government over tyranny, who invest in institutions to promote justice for all, who have sacrificed much to ensure that there remains a nation on this earth where liberty for all is a birthright. And these are better stories than we told this week.”

Please also give your attention to the bits below, and pray for our country.




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  1. John gregory 3 years ago

    Takes my breath away. Want to cry.

  2. Gillian Smith 3 years ago

    Thank you Polly: the final prayer took me to a loved hymn, the first verse of which reads:
    I love Thy way of freedom, Lord,
    To serve Thee is my choice,
    In Thy clear light of Truth I rise
    And, listening for Thy voice,
    I hear Thy promise old and new,
    That bids all fear to cease:
    My presence still shall go with thee
    And I will give thee peace.

    With love, Gillian

  3. Barbara in Florida 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. I am forwarding it to friends and family. Once again, you have come through for us with such clear and coherent thinking and put into words the feelings in our hearts. Much love to you!

  4. Sue Krevitt 3 years ago

    As the best man who ever lived–Christ Jesus–hung on the cross of hatred and ignorance,
    now we have All That Is Good and True–the God in us–Good, Itself!–being desecrated, through the beliefs and delusions of carnal-brain-minds…in division and separation…many opposing minds…
    and all that this lie about God and man comprises!

    I praise the divine Truth, so far above and entirely separate from the mortal dream of life-apart-from-God, good!!

    And I realize that IN PROPORTION to my humbly acknowledging the truth of One God, all good, as the Only Reality…in THAT proportion will I see and feel and know the reality of this.

  5. Barb Urban 3 years ago

    Another Barbara from Florida,
    Very moving, especially the letter that summarizes the events of 1/6/21. And the chaplain’s prayer. Thank you as always for all you bring us through your blog.

  6. Cathryn in San Diego 3 years ago

    What a breath of fresh air within my spiritual community!! Thank you for your honesty, integrity and willingness to speak out for Truth and Justice!!!


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