Photos of Maine Tide Pools

Photos of Maine Tide Pools

Photos of Maine Tide pools

The tide pools we saw on our recent trip to Maine were wonderful little worlds unto themselves. Check out the photos in this post to see the intense colors they sported on the bright days we saw them. Some of these were seen at the end of the Wonderland trail on Mount Desert Island, and the rest were found on the Schoodic Peninsula. They all prompt in me abstract paintings and contribute to the inventory of my color and compositional impressions. Enjoy!

IMG_5748  IMG_6043  IMG_5950  IMG_5985  IMG_6073  IMG_5754  IMG_5951  IMG_5746  IMG_5970  IMG_5744  IMG_5980  IMG_5757  IMG_5971  IMG_6042  IMG_5948  IMG_6038  IMG_5751  IMG_5762  IMG_5750  IMG_5981  IMG_5753  IMG_5747  IMG_6111

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  1. ChristineMM 8 years ago

    I love how you see the abstraction in nature. There are some people who want to be artists who cannot understand this concept. Some of them were in my drawing II class. They struggled with the concept of what abstraction in nature was. For example one of them felt that a face fit and another one made a spiral .

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