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  • The Problem With Being Overly Considerate

    By on April 3, 2009

    There are problems with being overly considerate of others. It can be a real source of misunderstanding. When you...

  • A Cow in the Back Yard: April Fools

    By on April 1, 2009

    April Fool’s day is a silly tradition. When not celebrated with the release of a damaging new computer virus...

  • Centering

    By on March 25, 2009

    I have mostly been hand-building in pottery lately (see picture above of my pumpkin leaf), and it has been...

  • Abandoning Self-Interest

    By on March 13, 2009

    This sounds like heresy and sacrilege in our society.  But it is a foundational Christian concept that if correctly...

  • Discouraged About Not Getting Enough Creative Time?

    By on March 11, 2009

    I have a homeschooling friend that is frustrated.  She said recently , “I don’t have enough creative time for...

  • Thoughts About Cross Pollination of Ideas and Butterfly Chasing

    By on March 2, 2009

    Alexander Graham Bell was attempting to invent a hearing aid.  Columbus was trying to get to India.  Post-its were...

  • Doulble rainbow-

    Two Words for the New Year

    By on January 30, 2009

    Instead of a formal New Year's Resolution, I have decided on two words I need to focus on this...