Movie Review: Lion

Movie Review: Lion

Movie Review

This is a wonderful movie based on a true story. As a five year old boy, the main character finds himself alone on a train that takes him far from home and everything he knows. He survives to be adopted by a nice couple in Tasmania. At twenty five, he uses the internet and some sketchy memories to figure out where he was from. Then he travels back…

Bring some tissues for this movie. It is very moving. It is about the indomitability of the human spirit, and about never giving up. We absolutely loved it and give it five stars.

Thanks to Google, in the last photo below, you can see the two actors playing the main character (Dev Patel and the small child in the middle) with the man this actually all happened to. One wonders how many countless stories there are like this one, where the internet has brought together loved ones lost for decades.

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  1. Cheryl 7 years ago

    We saw it too and loved it. It deserves to be among the contenders for Best Picture.

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