Cauliflower Hash Recipe with Spiced Cashews

Cauliflower Hash Recipe with Spiced Cashews

Cauliflower Hash with spiced cashews

This is both different and delicious, however it is enhanced with some ingredients not found in everyone’s pantry: curry leaves and garam marsala, both shown in photos below. I happened to have both on hand, and blog readers might remember my yummy Roasted Vegetable Marsala, for which I originally hunted down that spice.

Anyway, this is made with cauliflower rice, which is my new favorite convenience food, even though you can simply make your own by putting a cauliflower in a food processor and whirring it to smithereens. These tiny bits, it turns out, make wonderful hash. This version is rather exotic, but cauliflower is rather a blank slate that pleads for flavor. 

I recommend getting all these parts ready first, for it comes together rather fast once you start cooking it.

1 bag cauliflower rice (or 1 cauliflower chopped to tiny bits)
1 red onion, peeled and thinly sliced
2 tablespoons coconut oil or grapeseed oil
3 cloves garlic
3 inch piece of ginger, peeled and minced
1 tablespoon mustard seeds
a large handful of fresh curry leaves
sea salt
3/4 cup raw cashews
four radishes, thinly sliced and julienned
a handful of cilantro leaves (optional, and not used in the photo)
pea shoots for garnish
1/2 teaspoon honey
1/2 garam marsala
zest and juice of 1 lime

In a large pan over medium high heat, saute the onion in the oil for about five minutes, stirring occasionally, until soft.

Add the garlic, ginger, mustard seeds, and curry leaves, and cook for a couple minutes. Season with salt.

Turn the heat up to high and add the cauliflower. Cook for about ten minutes, stirring frequently.

Meanwhile, in a dry frying pan over medium heat, toast the cashews until golden brown. Then toss the cashews with the honey. Add the garam marsala to the sticky cashews and toss again.

Spread the cauliflower hash mixture on a platter. Scatter the cashews over the hash, topped with pea shoots, cilantro (if using), and radish, followed by the lime juice and zest.

Serve immediately. (Serves 4) Enjoy!

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