More Experimenting with Mono-printing

More Experimenting with Mono-printing

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I was so pleased with my first efforts at mono-printing, that my husband gave me gave me a larger gelatin plate and some paint specific for mono-printing for my birthday.

I’ve been experimenting with those the last few days, but these paints are more difficult to work with than those I used previously, since they are not opaque. Their transparency leads to some nice opportunities for layering gradations of color, but it also leads to mud when using as many colors as I am often inclined to use. Additionally, these new paints are less vibrant than those I used before, looking better back-lit on the computer than they do in real life. Some feel a little too dull to me, but my color sense demands more brightness than most.

I had fun making my own stencils (like used above), and my best discovery was printing on tissue paper (see the bottom two photos). I’ll be doing more of that, especially because it would be a great way create collage paper…

The work shown in this post is 12” x 16”, done in acrylic on archival #140 cold press watercolor paper.













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